Chris Van Cornell(クリスヴァンコーネル)

Illustrator:Kyoko Nagasaka

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クリス ヴァン コーネルの名前の由来は、絵本作家Chris Van AllsburgとアーティストJoseph Cornellの名前を組み合わせて生まれたもの。

The band was formed in April 2012, when keyboardist Daisuke Gotoh and bass player Takaki Mukouyama of ASPHALT FRUSTRATION, joined Yosa with Haruka Katoh and Akishige Horita.
After countless studio sessions to develop their sound, 2012 finally sees the band ready for action.
Samples of natural sounds are interwoven with a parade of live instruments including the accoustic guitar , accordion , melodica , glockenspiel , trumpet and flute. This is set to the electronic tones of the synthesizer to bring you earnest, nostalgic music with it’s roots in folktronica.
Rather than conforming to a particular part, each band member moves freely between instruments and vocals to provide a truely unique performance.


2013.4.10(水) 1st ep "hand in hand"

01 あの角をまがれば
02 She said
03 One day in may
04 あの角をまがれば -The beauty remix-

¥1,000 (税抜 ¥952)
KIPP-001 / Kippis label.

hand in hand

2016.6.8(水) 1stアルバム "余暇と祝祭"

01 余暇と祝祭
02 春の風に逆立つ毛
03 an eve
04 スローテンポ、スローライフ
05 leave it to me
06 昼のあいま
07 the novel
08 フェアウェル
09 she said
10 tatata (.featえつこ)

¥2,500 / NIW120 / Niw! Records.